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You no longer need to sign in to view the content on; the website is now free for all readers. You will be receiving a letter discussing your prorated online subscription refund options. Click here to send us your suggestions and feedback.

As you have seen, we have removed the metered paywall on the this website. We feel that there is more of an opportunity to engage the community with a free site. The Google Surveys that you may see when you open an article your MyMaloneTelegram's website provide a choice to either register on our site or complete the survey. If you register on our site, you will not see a survey again. If you complete a survey, they are completely anonymous.

We have implemented this process because we need to learn more about our online readers. By learning more about you, we can make better news coverage decisions and deliver better marketing programs. Good advertising and strong marketing programs are what allows us to provide the deep and broad local news coverage you find on our website for free. Thank you for your support and understanding.

John B. Johnson, CEO
Johnson Newspapers

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